Manufacturers and Artisans Village

Why Choose GICEL

Why Choose Ghana Industrial and Commercial Estate Limited (GICEL)?

  1.  GICEL provides suitable office accommodation, work-shops and stores served with modern services and facilities such as good roads, reliable water supply, telephone and electricity, parking space, clinic, lorry station/taxi rank, canteens and drinking spots.
  2.  GICEL offers general assistance to traders and businessmen (tenants) and their customers associated with the Estates by ensuring law and order on the Estates.
  3.  Ghana National Fire Service has a station on the Estate is to guarantee the safety of tenants, their property against fire and other man-made and natural disasters.
  4.  A Police Post is located on the Estate, which will enable the Ghana Police Service to render 24-hour security services.
  5.  GICEL provides an enabling environment for production, packaging and marketing of locally manufactured goods.
  6. GICEL brings together of sizeable number of artisans to exchange ideas.
  7.  GICEL provides of one site shopping centre for consumers.
  8.  GICEL provides common services and facilities to reduce cost of production for small and medium scale producers.
  9.  GICEL enables collaborating agencies provide easy group training to our entrepreneurs at minimum cost.
  10.  GICEL helps to reduce the number of way-side workshops (for mechanics, dressmakers, hairdressers etc), which turn to make the      city untidy.