Manufacturers and Artisans Village

Our Facilities


The figures below represent the number of facilities on the Estate, their availability and preferred occupancy.

  1. Total number of facilities-1435
  2. Occupancy on the Estate as at December 2016 – 100%
  3. Limited number of rental units available through rent default, abscondment,

relocation and non operation. Priority is given to business in the following area:


  • Businesses that construct and assemble aluminium profiles for window and doors
  • Businesses that manufacture and process agricultural produces (fruit juice

condiments, herbal products etc).

  • Small scale garments  factories
  • Ornamental handcraft made from wood, glass or metal
Facility   Type of Business Occupancy No. of Facilities
BLOCK A (Offices, Banks, Clinic) 368
BLOCK B (Restaurants / Chop Bars) 28
BLOCK C (Toilets) 19
BLOCK D (Dressmaking, Offices, Shops) 256
BLOCK E (Light industries, Communication Centres) 366
BLOCK F (Auto/Mechanical Shops, Metal Fabricators) 36
BLOCK G (Auto/Mechanical Shops, Metal Fabricators, Auto-body Works, Post Office, Police Post) 50
BLOCK H (Hardware, Spare Parts, Printing/Publishing) 204
BLOCK J (dressmaking, hair dressing, boutiques) 108

Facility                     Type of Business Occupancy                                            No of Facilities

BLOCK   A               Offices, Banks, Clinic                                                                368

BLOCK   B               Restaurants/ Chop Bars                                                             28

BLOCK   C               Washrooms                                                                               19

BLOCK   D               Dressmaking and Allied Shops                                                256

BLOCK   E               Light Manufacturing industries                                                  366

BLOCK   F               Auto Mechanical Shops, Metal Fabricator                                 36

BLOCK   G               Auto /Mechanical shop Metal Fabricators, Auto body works     50

BLOCK   H               (Hardware, Spare Parts, Printing/Publication)                          204

BLOCK   J                Dressmaking, Hair Dressing, Boutiques                                  108