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About Us


GICEL is the acronym for the Ghana Industrial Estates Limited. GICEL is a Private Limited Liability Company owned wholly by the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT). It is located at Weija off the Main Mallam-Kasoa road.

GICEL is the leading organization for the development and harnessing of the productive potential enterprises, especially SMEs.

SSNIT, as owners of this socioeconomically viable first multi-purpose built, fully –serviced estate, had as a concept to bring together on one site, small and medium scale industries and commercial concerns to share common amenities, which would otherwise be beyond the means of those small and medium scale producers. It also grant them easy access to the output of others, which constitute their own raw materials in a complimentary fashion.

The Estate would also enable SSNIT to improve the level of contribution in the informal sector. The main objective of GICEL is to help turn the economy of Ghana round to a more internally productive orientation from the current retail of imports arrangement. The approach is also expected to result in the creation of jobs internally as against the current situation whereby the imports create jobs outside.